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Iceland 4×4 tours

Iceland Super Jeep (4x4)Most American travelers wouldn’t think of the words in this title of this post together, much less as a destination.  Iceland 4×4 tours would be considered a combination of remote and obscure!  However, both of these points are changing, albeit indirectly.

The entire country of Iceland has been far off the radar of most Americans until about a year or two ago, when the country started making the mainstream news for all unpleasant reasons.  As America and the rest of the world started feeling the financial pinch, Iceland gained notoriety as having it the worst – an entire country approaching bankruptcy.  Not the best way to gain the attention of millions who had lived their lives without even a rare mention of Iceland.

However, now that some time has passed, that attention on Iceland has inevitably revealed some of the more attractive elements.  Ironically, these elements are more financially accessible to travelers than ever before specifically because of the financial issues and the weak currency, Krona.  While travel-savvy folks might be attracted to Reykjavik city life, or finance-savvy folks might envy the green energy leadership, there’s also the pile of YouTube videos showing some of the wildest off-roading and 4×4 driving anywhere, being viewed by 4×4 fans, who are a remarkably tech-savvy group.

Yes, the cleanest country in the world that is on its way to becoming 100% renewable also has some of the gnarliest off-road trucks in the world.  In Iceland, SUVs with tires three feet high are seen driving downtown by petite ladies buying groceries.  Granted, they are not daily drivers for the average Icelander, but in a country of barely 300,000 and a thriving tourism market, these super-extreme trucks are expensive enough that the people who have them (for tours, usually) tend to use them for everything.  So, these same “Super Jeeps” that crawl Icelandic glaciers and make what Americans might call a monster truck seem mousy are actually a common sight around town.

Iceland Super Jeep on a 4x4 tour

Add to this the fact that a huge part of Iceland’s appeal is the astounding landscape and you have an obvious draw to 4×4 tours.  Whether or not you’re into off-roading in your normal life at home, if you’re not the type of hike it on foot, these “super jeeps” are a downright practical way to see the backcountry, glaciers, countryside and other local attractions that aren’t available on pavement (like a glacier).

So, back to the original line – something about a combination of remote and obscure.  Iceland isn’t as remote as you think.  The author traveled to Reykjavik last September from San Diego, about the furthest possible place in the US, and it was about about 11 hours and $700 without any particular special deal.  From the east coast, it’s about half the time and much lower cost.  If you’re going to travel, consider Iceland and if you’r going to Iceland, consider an Icelandic 4×4 tour from a company that can handle all your Iceland Travel needs.